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  • fixes UI issue, where chips wraps on smaller screen (#740)
  • regions with the same labelIndex without colour will no longer have the same colour (#750)
  • fixes gpuLimit not applying properly (#765)
  • fixes minor issue when switching back to multi version parc (#831)
  • fixes chips wrapping and scrolling on smaller devices (#720)

New features

  • plugins will now follow a permission model, if they would like to access external resources
  • only top level mesh(es) will be loaded (#890). This should drastically improve atlases with hierarchical surface meshes (e.g. Allen CCF v3).
  • Preliminary support for displaying of SWC (#907)
  • Preliminary support for freesurfer (#900)
  • Allow for finer controls over meshes display (#883, #470)
  • Added quick tour feature (#899)
  • Added user annotation feature (#886, #888, #887)

Under the hood stuff

  • refactored code, added additional test coverage
  • reworked screenshot component, removed html2canvas dependency
  • deprecated getToastHandler and geModalHandler in plugin API
  • updated openid-client (#696) and removed unused dependencies
  • allowing for /user and /user/config endpoints to return non error, even if the user is not logged in. (#767)
  • use routing instead of query param (#858)