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  • added [p] and [n] as keyboard shortcut to navigate previous/next slice
  • show template and parcellation info even if the chip are hidden
  • added button to directly copy navigation coordinate
  • experimental support for other versions of regions
  • experimental support for drag/drop pointcloud .json files
  • experimental support for deepzoom:// source format
  • quick search now show branches in addition to leaves
  • added context in region hierarchy view
  • added coordinate entry dialog
  • switching templates will now fallback to use the newest parcellation in the same series


  • fixed keyframe mode not activating on second attempt
  • on selecting a new point while point assignment is minimized, will maximize the point assignment panel

Behind the scenes

  • minor refactoring
  • update to Angular 15
  • migrated to Angular material 15
  • filter region now runs on worker thread. This should speed up region filter responsiveness
  • quick search now show all results, rather than the first four