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Launch & quick tour


To launch siibra-explorer on EBRAINS, point your webbrowser to:

Recommended browsers are up-to-date versions of Firefox and Google chrome. Newer versions of Apple Safari also work fairly well. Note that your hardware needs to support the WebGL2 standard, which should be the case for recent devices. If in doubt, check compatibility at

siibra-explorer runs on mobile devices!

Using the browser on your table or mobile phone should work in many cases as well. Try it out!

An overview and the basic functionalities of siibra-explorer is presented in the quick tour, which is automatically launched on first use. You can always revisit the quick tour via the help menu, which can be found under the ? icon at the top right of the UI, or using the ? / h keyboard shortcut. You might also watch the following video tutorial, which covers basic functionalities of siibra-explorer. Note that since we are continuously adding new features to siibra-explorer however, the user interface shown in the video might not exactly reflect the latest version of the viewer.