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Storing and Sharing 3D Views


Any views in siibra-explorer can be shared via their URLs. You can use any native share functionality offered by your browser, or manually copy the URL.


Automatic markdown renderer such as rocketchat can interfere with the rendering of the URL. To circumvent the issue, it is recommended that you generate a sane URL, or use a code block to escape markup

Creating short URLs ("saneURL")

Whilst siibra-explorer encodes the current view directly in the URL, such full URLs are quite long and not easily recitable or memorable. You can create short URLs for the current view directly in siibra-explorer. To do so,

  1. click the view navigation panel on the top left (see main UI elements,
  2. click the "share icon", then
  3. select Create custom URL.

Creating a short URL in siibra-explorer


Links generated by unauthenticated users will expire automatically after 72 hours. To circumvent the expiry, ensure you are logged in using an ebrains user account. Links generated by an authenticated user does not expire.

Taking Screenshots

While you can use any screenshot tool provided by your browser or operating system, siibra-explorer offers a dedicated screenshot function which generates a clean image of the current 3D view which hides other user interface elements. To access the screenshot tool,

  1. open the tool menu (᎒᎒᎒) from the top right (see main UI elements), then
  2. select Screenshot.

Creating a screenshot in siibra-explorer